About me

Hi, I’m Joey!

I was born in Germany, into a family of travel addicts, who took me on several trips during my early life, which inspired me to keep travelling as an adult. So far, I have visited 15 countries, like Canada, Spain, Tunesia, Bulgaria, Sweden, and France. Of all places, Canada had been my favourite, so I’ve been living here permanently since 2012.

From the top left: Walt Disney World, Florida, USA (1993), camel riding in Egypt (1999), in front of the Helsinki Cathedral, Helsinki, Finland (2008), and in front of Niagara Falls, Canada (2012).

In 2014, I turned my hobby into a profession, by signing up for the Global Tourism & Marketing program at Medicine Hat College in Medicine Hat, Canada, from which I graduated in 2016.

Since elementary school, writing has been a preferred way of expressing myself, whether it’s writing into a travel journal during a trip to the USA, a story about a travelling cat named Mikesch, or song lyrics. For me, writing has helped to put my mind at ease, no matter what’s going on in my life.

I first considered becoming a Travel Writer someday, while reading “A House in the Sky” by Amanda Lindhout, to combine my passions, travelling and writing. This is why I started this blog in May 2020, and with the pandemic still going on, I’m excited to share travel experiences from beautiful Canada with you. But when this is over, I’m planning to travel internationally again, and these countries are at the top of my list: Japan, Costa Rica, Italy, New Zealand, and Ireland. So stay tuned 🙂

I’ve been obsessed with Punk and Rock music for more than 15 years. So when thinking of a name for my travel blog, I naturally got inspired by a song title of a band called The Ramones: Sheena is a Punk Rocker. And the rest is history!

Some of my other hobbies are reading, playing drums, cooking, playing retro video games (Pokémon, Mario Kart 64, and Tetris!), skiing, watching movies, and most importantly, hanging out with my boyfriend, Sean, and our pet rats, Milo and Keiko.

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